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Welcome to WiRE in Leicestershire and Rutland, a business community ran by me with support from fellow business owners Jane Batty (Ripple Partners) and Megan Allen (Rural Roots Media). We all met at a traditional “networking” meeting in 2015 and decided to set up our own group so that we could create a format that suited us better - less formal, more fun, but still with a serious intent to do business. WiRE has the perfect set up for us as a creditable, national organisation with a terrific website and a reputation for offering support and business advice to women who often work in isolation from home. I started Full Square this way back in 2005 and I wish I had known about it then. As I feel very passionately that women are not always taken seriously enough as business owners, I think this is the perfect way to try and give a little help to my friends. So, we would love to know what it is that you do and to help you to do it better.

Supporting you

We meet at 10.30am to 12.30pm on the second Thursday of the month at a different location within our area. This is so that we can help to support the local economy and visit different businesses to see what they do for ourselves. There are a really diverse range of businesses represented in our group including artists and designers, PR and marketing experts, people development and other professional business services to a local vineyard owner, a bespoke milliner, cafe owner, jewellery store, travel agents and boutique caterers. Not to mention a very nice printer of course!

We are all learning, all of the time and it is the friendly and informal way that we share our knowledge that I think sets us apart. If you are looking for a hotel room at breakfast full of suits and 60 second speeches then this is not going to float your boat. If you prefer to join in a variety of educational workshops, take part in shopping and well-being events or just meet like-minded work friends then it really will.

In Business

WiRE is really great value for you as a member. For just £50 annual subscription you can post your own profile on the WiRE website and promote your products via various other social media links. WiRE is very inclusive; women in business can connect with other members all over the country and take part in events in other regions too. WiRE is no longer restricted to businesses that operate in rural communities but welcomes women in any kind of business and so you might find other women in the same industry as you. We don’t see that as competition but just another way of learning from your peers. It doesn’t matter if you can’t come to all of the meetings either; you can just sign up for support and to receive news. To see what we are up to next visit our upcoming events page and book to come along. You can visit twice as a non-member and there is absolutely no pressure to join, though we hope you might want to …