Getting WiREd in 2017

Are you fed up with networking meetings that follow the same old formula? Can you remember all of those 60 second sound-bites that your would-be clients and colleagues perform for you each month? Or, importantly, do you get real value for money from the networking group/s that you are a member of?

If your answers went YES, NO and DON'T KNOW and you are a woman (sorry guys) who owns her own business, then I have some very good news for you ...

In 2017 Leicestershire and Rutland area members of WiRE will be treated to a year long programme of interesting and inspiring meetings where we will be exploring the "art" of networking and getting creative with new business ideas and some hands-on workshops. 

I am fortunate enough to have been selected, along with a couple of very talented ladies - Jane Batty and Megan Allen, to be co-network leader for our region - what fun we are going to have! All I can reveal at this point is that the variety will include some of the things we all love: food and drink, art and crafts, books, local history, flowers and gardens, to name but a few. The venues will vary and will find us all over the county and they definitely won't be in stuffy hotels. The content will vary too but there will always be a friendly welcome and something to learn. 

And WiRE is really great value for you as a member. For just £50 annual subscription you can post your own profile on the WiRE website and promote your products via various other social media links. WiRE is very inclusive; women in business can connect with other members all over the country and take part in events in other regions too.

So if you want to network with no borders or barriers in 2017 and would like to know more, please contact me on 0116 255 4336 or visit our events page to see what we are up to next.