Going for Gold in 2019

Colour is very important when you are a printer. Not least because we are often asked questions about why colours look different in print to when viewed on screen. It is also important when you are a litho printer, because it remains an advantage to be able to print a spot colour whilst digital printers are restricted to CMYK. Or are they? (Bear with me for a minute if you are not interested in print technology – there is something coming up for you too). For a while now it has been possible to buy digital equipment that can print a solid white and add a clear varnish effect; we looked at a Ricoh machine back in 2014 that could do this. However, at the time, there were other more important considerations and we bought our first Konica CMYK press. In 2016, we started to digitally foil prints, which gave us the opportunity to offer a metallic finish in silver, copper and gold and we still use this for short-run work. There are a couple of limitations with this method of foiling that restricts how you can design the page as it is still not technically a spot colour (though it is a lot shinier than a litho gold) and it only works on coated or laminated stocks. 

 So, we are very pleased to announce that the clever people at Xerox have now created a digital press that can print spot metallic colours by including some very special toners with metallic elements. The results are impressive and shiny! From January 2019, Full Square are offering spot colour gold for short run and personalised print - no need for expensive litho metallic inks and no minimum order. You still design in CMYK but add the gold element as a spot colour for output – just as you would for 5 colour litho. And, just like adding a 5th unit to a litho press, we can add a clear varnish effect too. Spot white and silver will follow and with tints over spot metallic, the creative possibilities are endless.

Forgive me for getting carried away on a technical issue, I have remembered to include some random, non-print related information too for colour lovers!  I found this interesting blog about colour psychology and it confirms why big brands invest heavily in knowing what effect they will create with the colours of their logo and the images they surround it with. I agree that colours affect our mood and am not surprised to read that this plays a large part in art as therapy. So, however you use colour in your life make sure you add a little sparkle to dull old January and February whenever you can – paint your office, put up some bright new posters or just sit and dream of summer with the words by John Denver “gold is just a windy Kansas wheat field, blue is just a Kansas summer sky”. Check your pantone book for all the other shades of blue and remember that gold is now available digitally so it is not just a windy Kansas wheat field at all, it’s wherever you want it to be!


For samples and prices contact me on Claire@fullsquare.net.