We Sponsor Charity Calendar 2017 - by WONKYVEGBOXES

September is when some organised people start to buy Christmas presents and they are just the sort to get their calendar early too! So here is our appeal to organised people who might also have a social conscience and will want to help us to help our favourite local charity - Charity Link 

The non-profit organisation, celebrating a massive 140 years this year, continues to help people in Leicestershire and Northamptonshire, especially families with children, who are experiencing poverty and hardship. They provide the basics that we all take for granted, like beds and cookers and warm clothes so that children can go to school, have a warm meal and sleep safely at night. It can be hard to imagine that for some families this is not the norm.

So, one of our very clever clients, the entrepreneurial Matt from WonkyVeg has volunteered a full years worth of his recipes and fabulous design to bring you the most stylish and useful wall calendar money can buy! And it is only a very small sum of money. You can buy for yourself and for friends or if you are so organised that you already have yours, perhaps you can circulate it to other people you know - you must know loads of people if you are that organised!

Pre-order and you also save 49p on the purchase price - that's just £4.50 to you AND it includes postage. ALL of the profits go to the charity and then they can claim 5x that amount from grant funding which is even more wonderful. We are donating the print, Wonky are taking the payments and, as they also give all their spare veg to local Food Banks, we hope our efforts will help lots of people this year at Christmas.

So while your children are asking you for the latest this and that and you rack your brains to think of something different to give your family (because they have everything already), please remember that there are some people who very little at all and this little purchase will go along way to help.