Which material do we love most this week?

We've got it all covered (Mar 17)
I have to admit that the materials we can use on our HP Latex (wide format) printer have come on in leaps and bounds since we were early adopters in 2010. At that time the large format world was still dominated by solvent and water based printers and the special coating required to take the heat drying of environmentally friendly latex inks were only available on a smallish (and expensive) range of materials supplied by HP. We loved the PVC-free wallpaper, smart canvas and poster and self-adhesives but now we have a range of around a dozen wall covering options and now double sided block out roller blind fabric. With laminates for floors, removable adhesives for walls and now window dressings, we really have got it all covered!

We like Textile (Jan 2017)
Another great product from our friends at Kernow Coatings (Cornwall), Textlite is a white opaque, non-woven fabric that is lightweight & foldable, water resistant and can be sewn in order to guarantee high breaking strength - perfect for running bibs so we have already started to share this idea with local running clubs and charities as a great way to offer a personalised bib to every competitor but also as a follow-on piece of marketing. That's all for this post as I plan to write another about this particular application once we have come up with our design to promote it - watch this space ...

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?
We've been trialling a new product by Kernow called Metallik with sparkling results - the high mirror foil finish has been created to suit dry toner inks and behaves beautifully on our Konica Minolta C1070 press. So far we have produced a calendar, perfume bottle wrap and some very snazzy playing cards. I really like this for book jackets but only available in SRA3 at the moment so size may dictate the number of applications for the product.

Christmas 2016
As well as the usual run of Christmas cards, this year we have been adding a foil laminate - copper in particular on a stunning hand-drawn design by a local illustrator. The effect works particularly well on DCP, Claro Silk (our stock matt paper and board from Antalis) and when added to soft touch laminates - super smooth surfaces work best. We have offered this to local agencies who seem to really like the idea - let's hope they have plenty of imagination in 2017!

Not exactly paper (Sept 2016)
Our large format collection now includes a 'paper' that is actually synthetic - not our usual line of country but it is perfect for our English weather for making posters outdoors. It is a polypropylene material designed to work on our Latex large format printer. The main benefits are that it is tear resistant and waterproof. It is also available in a self adhesive so we used it to mount on foamex for a charity walk as temporary signage (and it poured with rain so we got it tested, literally in the field!)

Hot stuff (July 2016)
This week we have mainly been printing roller banners for a global scientific client. They have ordered sets of graphics for their European sales force to use at presentations so they wanted a premium banner. We use a product from Papergraphics called TexRol as we love the way it stays flat and does not need to be laminated. 

It comes in 2 weights that work a treat on our HP latex printer and the colour and consistency is excellent. We printed 2 sizes: adjustable height Orient banners at 800mm wide and diddy little A3 tabletop versions for when space is limited. The only downside is that the latex printer uses heat to cure the ink so having so many to do on the hottest week in August tested our love for large format. However, ice cream indulgences kept us all in good spirits and we made it to the bank holiday.

For large format samples or information on posters and banners contact Adam or Claire on 0116 255 4336,