Exploring sales promotion - the art of persuasion

Clever marketing-bods will tell you all about the triangular shaped AIDA model that you can employ to attract new clients and get them to buy from you. There are four stages as you might expect, in brief they are:

AWARENESS - where all your advertising and brand-building goes to get your name out there and make it known.

INTEREST - the point narrows a bit now as not everyone you show your advert to will be interested, will have seen or understood it.

DESIRE - but once you have them interested you just have to convert that interest into a real willingness to respond to your messages or a desire to own your product.

ACTION - the vital bit, the customer actually takes positive action and BUYS!

The first stage is cognitive and the final stage is classed as behavioural but it is the emotional stages in between that are where it gets interesting (well, for a printer anyway!)

Sales promotion is at the heart of this model, it is the key transitional stage where you get to turn that flickering flame of interest into a raging fire of desire (or at least warm people up a bit). For sales promotion is all about persuasion, not selling. Ironically, it is often the stage where you actually GIVE something away in order to tempt your potential customer to buy more or at least give you a try.

This is where you can employ simple little flame-fanners like SAMPLES or PRODUCT VOUCHERS or INCENTIVES to buy.  

So ask yourselves, if you have a list of interested parties (prospects or maybe your existing client base) can you persuade them to take ACTION if you offer them a taster first? Is there a voucher you can offer towards a bigger purchase? Can you package your product in a 'trial-size' way? If you do, don't forget with your sample or your voucher make sure you use the printed space to offer something more or invite them to take action again.

There are lots of ways that you can use printed cards and product carriers to create DESIRE amongst your brand fans - just trust in me for ideas and inspiration!

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