FREE paper samples - how to get yours...

One of the most common questions we ask here (apart from 'have you got the kettle on?') is "what weight of paper do you want that on?" Some of our clients find it hard to know the difference between paper stocks, what weight they are and if they are coated or uncoated, gloss or matt. There is no shame in that, there are literally thousands of different kinds of paper out there to choose from. Unless you have a micrometer in your hand or are very clever indeed, you will probably not be able to tell what gsm your letterhead is on or what micron your box board is. 

So, to make a little order out of all the chaos, we have assembled a swatch of our standard paper and board weights and called it our Print Guide. We would love you to have a FREE copy so please email or call us on 0116 255 4336 and simply ask for one! We are also happy to provide samples of all the large format materials we can print on if you want bigger stuff for exhibitions or displays.

We also hand out sweets with orders, vouchers for referrals and cups of tea to all our visitors - some people call this bribery, we prefer to think of it as an incentive!