The Power of Eight - 8 little tips

The number 8 symbolises power, infinity and continuance which makes it the perfect number to associate with your next promotion.

To help harness the power of 8 in your business, we have a great offer available for you.

The standard print sheet size SRA3 just happens to yield 8 A6 postcards and you can buy 800 cards (100 run of up to 8 different designs) for just £80*

Not sure how to use them -  here are 8 ideas for FREE

  1. Plan ahead with a mailing to 100 target accounts each month for 8 months - for just 10p per card.

  2. The card is printed on both sides so you can make whatever combination of message and a response or an image with an offer, or just contact details on reverse.

  3. If you have multiple products or services why not print a card to promote each? 8 products or 4 service levels (2 each) - so many combinations to suit you.

  4. Postcards are a great way to capture data - ask your potential customers to fill them in at an event or to win a prize.

  5. Or you could use them as vouchers with up to 8 different denominations (and still capture data from whoever cashes it in).

  6. Consider folding your cards to A7 size, making a 4 page design possible - ideal for appointment cards for example.

  7. A6 postcards fit into a standard C6 envelope so they are perfect for invitations or RSVP cards too - we can add personalisation or foiling (at extra cost).

  8. Turn your business card into a promotional offer to take to up to 8 networking meetings - then hand out a different little tip each time.

For advice on planning your print cost-effectively just ask


*offer based on 395mic postcard board, printed full colour on both sides, plus carriage and VAT.